U1W Poli-Glide 3M/2U/BU Poli-Glide 3M/2U/BU


Color: White
Nominal OAG: 0.030" +/- .010
Plies: 1
Fabric: Monofilament/Polyester
Minimum Pulley Diameter: Nose Bar
Top Surface: Smooth Urethane
Bottom Surface: Bare
Compound: Urethane
Urethane is a good choice for rough and/or oily applications. It enjoys excellent abrasion and oil resistance.
Work Tension: 30 lbs. PIW
Elongation: Less than 1%
Weight P.I.W. / Ft.: .013 lbs.
Working Temperature: -4F to 180F
FDA Accepted: Yes
Joining Method: Finger Splice


Features: This belt features monofilament yarns which help in transverse stability. The Urethane compound is oil and grease resistant and easy to clean. Refer to the chemical resistance chart when choosing a cleaning solution.replica watches 

Applications: U1W Poli-Glide 3M/2U/BU is used in candy, chocolate processing, the confectionary industry and on cooling lines. It is also used in bakeries, fish processing, and in meat, poulty and vegetable applications.