U2W Poli-Glide Standard

U2W Poli-Glide Standard

Poli-Glide Standard

Color: White
Nominal OAG: 0.060" +/- .015
Plies: 2
Fabric: Monofilament
Minimum Pulley Diameter: Nose Bar
Top Surface: Smooth Urethane
Bottom Surface: Bare
Compound: Urethane
Urethane is a good choice for rough and/or oily applications. It enjoys excellent abrasion and oil resistance.
Work Tension: 50 lbs. PIW
Elongation: Less than 1%
Weight P.I.W. / Ft.: .024 lbs.
Working Temperature: -4F to 212F
FDA Accepted: Yes
Joining Method: Finger Splice; Lacing (Clipper #25, Clipper #25SP, Clipper #UCM36SL XSP, Clipper #UCM36 XSP, Alligator #0)

Features: This belt is a lightweight 2 ply monofilament construction that will negotiate small pulleys. The urethane compound is oil, animal fat and grease resistant. It is easy to clean and will lay flat. Refer to the chemical resistance chart when choosing a cleaning solution. This belt is formulated for use in metal detectors and is not anti-static.

Applications: U2W Poli-Glide Standard is used in candy, chocolate and confectionery processing. It is also used in many medium food processing applications such as the cheese, bakery, fish, meat, poultry and vegetable industries. It is also metal detector compliant.