4 Unique Advantages of Using Urethane Belting

In terms of industrial processing applications, urethane (also known as ethyl carbamate) belting has quickly climbed its way to the top in recent years. Though manufacturers have traditionally made conveyors with rubber or metal, this flexible compound is among the most adaptable materials to date. But this isn’t the only reason why it has become so popular. These are four unique advantages of using urethane belting. They’re why no other substance will do for certain jobs.

Food Safe

For starters, one of urethane’s key characteristics is that it doesn’t leach chemicals or other residues into the products it touches. This means that it’s incredibly safe to use for food products. It’s also the preferred material of the FDA and USDA. Urethane has full approval for use in both food processing and manufacturing. As a result, it’s crucial for things like packaging raw meat or even creating candy. It doesn’t add any taste to these products either, ensuring quality foods that consumers can be confident in every time.

Fully Sterile

Urethane belting is also completely sterile and easy to keep clean. Since it doesn’t release chemicals into the surrounding environment, it’s great for handling sterilized medical equipment. These belts won’t lose any of their current sterilization, and they can prevent the spread of potentially harmful germs or contaminants. Thus, these tools remain perfectly safe for use upon delivery. As such, this material is a valuable asset to the entire medical field.

Abrasion Resistant

It’s important to note as well that urethane belts are abrasion resistant. Though people know them best for their flexibility, they’re also very durable. This makes them less likely to develop scratches or abrasions while in use. With this amount of resistance, they’re likely to last much longer than other types of belting, even when working with rough items like sandpaper or scrap metal.

Easy To Fabricate

Another unique advantage of using urethane belting is that it’s easy to reproduce and replace once damaged. Due to its thermoplastic makeup, it’s very malleable and can take a series of different shapes. It’s also relatively inexpensive, making urethane a worthy investment for your facilities—especially if you’re looking to cut costs.

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