Industrial Conveyor Belting

When you need all-around great industrial conveyor belting for your systems, Texas Belting and Supply has just the thing. We carry several different types of general conveyor belts that are great for even the most demanding of industries. Whether you work in the automotive world or in a chemical processing plant, this collection provides the durable, reliable, and high-performing manufacturing conveyor belts you’re after. In addition to heavy-duty rubber conveyor belts, we also supply PVC, nylon, and neoprene models that feature overall longevity and strength. We carry belts with different treads as well for better traction on certain loads. Browse our selection here for premium industrial conveyor belting that’ll make the most of your processes. 

Transmission Belting

Transmission belting is popular in feed, grain, general purpose conveying, and light duty bucket elevators. This belt is also used in power transmission applications. Comes in Tan(non-markning) 3 to 8 Plys and a 4 Ply Black Version.

Brown Neoprene Belting

Brown Nitrile FBS is popular in the printing, general industry applications, and folding carton industry. The belt is non-marking, very flexible, oil resistant and easy to clean. This belt comes in 3, 5, 7, and 9 Ply.

Nylon Core Belting

Nylon Core Belting is popular in the paper handling, paper manufacturing, machine tape, and general purpose conveying. These belts are also abrasion resistant and offer a high coefficient of friction.

PVC COS Belting

PVC Cover One Side Belting is popular for packaged conveying for fruits and vegetables, baggage handling, recycling, and most industries. The brushed side offers a low coefficient of friction. PVC offer high strength, tear resistant, and low stretch.

PVC FBS Belting

PVC Friction Both Side is popular for trash conveyors, general purpose conveying, stamping plants, package sorting and diverting, and an excellent depanner belt. This belt can be used in most industries. This belt is  also fire resistant.

Mono-Tote Belting

Mono-Tote Belts are ideal solutions for conveying totes or flat surface packages up steep inclines/declines. These belts are self cleaning when going around pulleys. These belts come in Rubber, PVC, and Urethane. Multiple color options and characteristics such as anti-static, flame retardant, and abrasion resistant.

Meat Cleat Belting

Meat Cleat is popular in most meat packing, vegetable processing, powdered products and bakery applications. It is highly resistant to oil, grease and cleaning solvents.

Pebbletop/Tylerwire Belting

Pebbletop/Tylerwire is popular in dough forming, inclines, pulley lagging and in the laundry industry. The belt is easy to clean, flexible and non-marking.

Poli-Quad Belting

Poli-Quad Belting is popular in general purpose conveying, sorting and for transfer applications. This belt features a soft PVC compound. It has a high grip/low friction surface.

PVC CBS Belting

PVC Cover Both Sides is popular in the peanut and coffee industry. It is an excellent light duty bucket elevator belt. These belts are oil resistant and offer low stretch.

Tan FDA Belting

Tan FDA Belting is popular in chicken processing plants due to its stain resistance. It can be used almost anywhere a light duty food belt is needed. It is oil, grease, and moisture resistant. The thermoplastic component lends itself to all types of fabrication.

Rough Top Belting

Rough Top belting is one of the most popular belts for incline/decline solutions. We offer this belt in Rubber and PVC. With a wide range of different characteristics, FDA, Oil Resistant, abrasion resistant, anti-static, non-marking.

Mono-Grip Belting

Mono-Grip is a PVC top cover on a 2 ply monofilament carcass. This belt will provide a positive (sticky) carrying surface. The carcass will permit this belt to travel at high speeds with low noise. It is also known as a 'Sticky Top' belt

Z-Cleat PVC Belting

Z-Cleat Belting is excellent for bulk haulage of most agricultural products, recycling applications, rail car unloaders, and wood chips. The interlocking Z design reduces noise and vibration and results in a low HP belt. PVC is Oil Resistant.

Crecent Top PVC Belting

Crescent Top is very popular in the agricultural industry for the movement of bulk materials and in the post office to move small packages. Crescent Top is 1/8" high half moon (crescent) impression.

Diamond Top/Wedgegrip Belting

Diamond Top Belting has a very high rate of coefficient friction. Which is what makes these belts ideal for the steepest incline/decline applications.

Hot Stock and Water Belting

Hot Stock and Water is primarily used in the rubber and plastic industry to convey "Hot Stock." This belt is also popular in the airline industry. Top cover up the belt offers a clean surface for conveying or accumulating.

Red Supergrip Belting

Supergrip belting is an abrasion resistant belt with a very high rate of coefficient friction. Commonly used in the corrugated box industry. This belt is also great for pulling applications due to the high coefficient of friction.

Poli-Glide Belting

Poli-Glide Belting is used for transporter bands, textile processing, paper, packaging inspection lines, low HP conveyors and as a general checkout counter belt. This belt is oil resistant, anti-static, cross rigid, high strength, low stretch flexible belt that is dimensionally stable.

Black OGHR Belting

Black OHGR is a popular general conveying belt. It features oil, heat and grease resistance and is commonly used in agricultural and oily applications where PVC does no perform well.

Poli-Ridge Belting

This belt features an extra stiff, cross lateral, heavy duty carcass with a high release RAV cover. This belt has reliable tracking and good wear edge. It is also long wearing and durable. This belt is anti-static. It can be used anywhere a transverse cross rigid belt is needed. It is resistant to animal, vegetable and mineral oil.

Light Duty Rubber Belting

Light Duty Rubber Belting is popular in many agricultural applications. It also used in the airline industry, conveying packaged good, recycling applications, glass industry, processing wood chips, sand, gravel, paper, scrap, and lumber.

Slider Top Belting

Slider Top Belting is used in many packaging and diverting operations where the product must slide on the belt while the belt is moving. The belt was designed for automated machinery where the product must accumulate or stay stationary as the belt moves.

Urethane Belting

Urethane is used in Metal Stamping, Recycling, Die Cutting and Brick Manufacturing applications. The 85A Durometer urethane cover will resist cutting and abrasion from metal, glass, aluminum and other abrasive materials.

Mono-Stamp Belting

Mono-Stamp Belting is an excellent belt for conveying metal parts such as metal stampings. This belt is used in the automotive and chemical industries. It features a urethane impregnated monofilament fabric. It has excellent abrasion and oil resistance.

Non-Woven Polyester Belting

Non-Woven Belting is an excellent belt for handling auto parts, metal stampings and luggage in airports. It features a tough, quiet running, non-marking surface. The belt has excellent cut resistance as well as oil and grease resistance.

Potato Belting

Potato Belting is used for potatoes as well as for live roller and many other general conveying applications. It is very popular in the agricultural industry.

Mini Bite Belting

Mini Bucket Belting is popular for moving dirt, gravel, and sand. This belt is also popular in the recycling industry. This belt will remain flexible in cold weather.