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Texas Belting and Supply is one of the top air slide fabric suppliers in the industry. Read below to learn more about the Polyveyor process and how these woven products benefit your field. 

Polyveyor Needled Polyester

Polyveyor was specifically designed to be the ideal membrane for fluidized bed and air gravity conveyors. Its needled construction provides uniform and consistent air flow across the entire surface of the fabric. This in turn means maximum conveyor efficiency and output.

High Temperature Polyveyor/Kevlar

Kevlar fabric is needled into a Polyveyor 1951 polyester base. This versatile fabric is rated for temperature range of 500°F continuous or 600°F intermittent.

When Polyveyor is manufactured, nearly sixteen inches of 100% Polyveyor fibers are layered over a special scrim and continually needled and compressed, until a smooth 1/4" thick material is formed. In addition to uniform thickness and consistent airflow, Polyveyor provides other advances.

Polyveyor will not unravel when cut or perforated, so heat sealing is not required on cut edges. This not only adds to the ease of installation, but makes Polyveyor ideal for bends or other unusual shapes that are encountered.

Industries & Applications

For fluidized beds or air gravity conveyors used to transport dry powdered materials such as:

  • Cement
  • Barite (Drilling Mud)
  • Alumina
  • Flour
  • Fly Ash
  • Silica Sand
  • Pumice
  • Kaolin
  • Resins
  • Chemicals

Fluidized beds can be found in the bottoms of silos, trailers, railcars, ships and barges. A wide variety of dry bulk powders are carried using this "Live Bottom" technology for emptying vessels and storage containers. This method is extremely efficient, has a low operating cost and is often the most economical to purchase and install.

Polyveyor's needling process eliminates the need to stretch the fabric during installation because Polyveyor already has the proper permeability. Simply install Polyveyor taut over the air chamber and bolt in place. The special scrim, constructed for lateral rigidity and superior bolt holding strength, minimizes the sag often found in other air permeable membranes. Finally, the thousands of pores needled into Polyveyor are so fine that product sifting down into the air chamber is minimized, or in some cases, completely eliminated.


Woven Polyester

Three styles of solid woven polyester are offered by Texas Belting:

Texas Belting's woven polyester fabrics each have their own air permeable specifications and provide the best material and construction available.

Our all-American made woven polyester fabrics are the best traditional style air gravity membranes on the market. These solid woven fabrics are made of 100% spun polyester fibers and the multiple plies are interwoven for superior strength and abrasion resistance. They are constructed specifically for this application and have consistent, uniform airflow and excellent service life.

Whether it is an emergency situation or a scheduled maintenance procedure, we have the exact specification you need - AND WE HAVE IT IN STOCK! So reach out to us today to get your products from an air slide fabric supplier you know you can trust.