Rough Top Belting

Rough Top belting is one of the most popular belts for incline/decline solutions. We offer this belt in Rubber and PVC. With a wide range of different characteristics, FDA, Oil Resistant, abrasion resistant, anti-static, non-marking. It also comes in a wide range of colors and various plys. 

Wedgegrip/Diamond Top Belting

Diamond Top Belting has a very high rate of coefficient friction. Which is what makes these belts ideal for the steepest incline/decline applications. Diamond Top/Wedgegrip belts come in Tan, Gum Rubber and Black. Tan and Gum Rubber are non-marking belts. They come in 2 or 3 plys.

Mono-Tote Belting

Mono-Tote Belts are ideal solutions for conveying totes or flat surface packages up steep inclines/declines. These belts are self cleaning when going around pulleys. These belts come in Rubber, PVC, and Urethane. Multiple color options and characteristics such as anti-static, flame retardant, and abrasion resistant. 

PVC Belting

PVC Belting offers a wide range of impression belting. It also is a great economical choice. With impressions from Rough Top, Crescent Top, Z-Cleat, Herring Bone, Pebble Top, and more. The compound PVC is Oil Resistant. These belts are popular in the bulk moving for agriculture, post office, and most small package handling.

V-Top/V-Ridge Belting

V-Top/V-Ridge Belts are ideal solutions for replacing a rough top belt that is under performing or not working. The V-Top/V-Ridge is frequently used for moving cartons/corrugated boxes.

Steepgrade Belting

Steepgrade is used for some of the steepest inclines (up to 45 degrees on some products). Steepgrade comes in Black and Gum Rubber(softer durometer for the steepest inclines). Gum Rubber is also non-marking.

Mono-Grip Belting

Mono-Grip is a PVC top cover on a 2 ply monofilament carcass. This belt will provide a positive (sticky) carrying surface. The carcass will permit this belt to travel at high speeds with low noise. It is also known as a 'Sticky Top' belt.

Supergrip Belting

Supergrip belting is an abrasion resistant belt with a very high rate of coefficient friction. Commonly used in the corrugated box industry. This belt is also great for pulling applications due to the high coefficient of friction.

Heavy Duty V-Cleat Belting

V-Cleat Rubber Belting comes in full width V-Cleat or a mini 6" wide V-Cleats. These are belts are popular for horizontal grinders, tub grinders, bulk grain, gravel, and road planners. 

HD Mini Bucket Belting

Mini Bucket Belting is popular for moving dirt, gravel, and sand. This belt is also popular in the recycling industry. This belt will remain flexible in cold weather.

Food Grade Belting

Inclined food grade belting comes in both white and blue colors. With several prefabricated profiles. We also offer custom inclined food grade belting with cleats and sidewalls to prevent spillage. We also offer detectable belting for x-ray and magnetic detection.

Custom Cleat/Sidewall Belting

We offer custom cleated and sidewall belts for inclines as high as 90 degrees. Cleats can be made from rubber, PVC, and urethane. They come in various shapes from I, T, Lug, Beefy, Angled, Curved, and more. Cleats can be as low as 1/2" up to 6". Sidewalls ranges from 1" to 16" in height.