Folder Belts 

Whether it be boxes, filing folders, or plain printing paper, the country utilizes millions of pounds in paper goods every year. And the need is not decreasing any time soon. Packaging products, in particular, are incredibly sought-after for their ability to contain and protect items throughout the shipping process. However, to produce these materials in a timely manner, manufacturers need the assistance of specialized machinery. Learn more about the importance of paper conveyor belt systems and how they work.

The Difference of Paper Belts

Paper belts, otherwise known as folder belts, are conveyor treads that are specially designed for handling paper and other thin or fragile materials. Some of their common applications include printing, corrugated manufacturing, and box folding, making them an essential resource for fulfilling a series of diverse needs. Paper conveyor belt systems are unique from other types of belting because of their top coatings. This layer of material helps keep lighter materials, like paper and cardboard, rooted in place during transport. It also helps prevent any rips or damage to the product.

How Folder Belts Work

Folder belts, specifically, are designed to automatically fold thinner materials into shape. This is the case for manufacturing boxes or more targeted types of product packaging. As mentioned above, these coated belts have a low coefficient of friction, which reduces the amount of resistance the paper experiences when it runs through the system. Folder belts slightly change in angle as a piece of paper navigates the track, forcing resources to fold into the proper shape to accommodate.

Shopping for Texas Belting and Supply Conveyor Belts

With the right paper conveyor belt system at your disposal, your business can accomplish anything it sets out to do. As such, we at Texas Belting and Supply work hard to ensure that each of our customers leaves our site with a reliable product. From Bando to Gates to even our own line of goods, we make it a point to assemble the leading components in the paper processing industry. This way, you have all the options you could ever need at your fingertips. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our selection.