The Benefits of Automation

Automation is a key part of modern industrial efficiency, and it wouldn’t be possible without conveyor systems. Automation allows computer-powered machines to complete labor-intensive jobs at a much faster rate than human workers. Conveyor automation is also capable of carrying heavy products and parts over long distances so that your employees don’t have to. It can even create complex products that stop at multiple stations for assembly.

If you’re looking to make your warehouse logistics more efficient, conveyor belt automation can process deliveries for you, sorting items into categories to make shelving much faster and more accurate. Then, the conveyor system can carry those items to different departments in your warehouse, saving your workers’ energy and reducing travel time.

For example, at a chicken wings manufacturing plant, you can implement automated conveyor timing belts to create precise stations. At one station, raw chicken is sorted and then moved on to another station where batter is applied and the chicken is fried. Then, another station begins the freezing and packaging process. As each station requires precise timing, you need a timing belt conveyor to ensure accuracy. You also need high-quality food-grade belting that prevents carryback and makes cleaning easy.

Texas Belting and Supply can help you find the best belting for your manufacturing or logistics needs—we offer hundreds of different belt styles with dozens of protective coatings. You’re bound to find something that fits your needs.

How Automation Can Help Your Business 

The whole point of automation is to make your operations more efficient. Check out these examples of how automation can help your business:

  • Move multiple items at once
  • Run operations continuously—no breaks needed
  • Save employee labor for higher-order thinking tasks
  • Reduce injuries and accidents at work
  • Reduce overall staffing needs
  • Better utilize vertical space in facility

Switching to a conveyor automation system prevents you from constantly wearing out your employees and having to hire new workers. Instead, your employees will be in charge of supervising machine operations, leading to happier employees and fewer workplace injuries. Let the conveyors do the heavy lifting, as they can carry more items at once and don’t need to take a lunch break.

Conveyors also help you use more of the space in your facility since conveyors can get into configurations that aren’t possible with manual systems. Use conveyors to stack operations into different levels, making the most of your floor space and utilities. Reach out to Texas Belting and Supply today about your current needs. We’d love to help you maximize the talent, equipment, and space that you currently have.