Mining is the primary way we extract essential resources from the Earth. Whether it be fossil fuels or precious gems, this process allows us to have a continuous supply of materials for greater infrastructure use. The same can be said for the production of aggregate, as this broken-down mixture of minerals is what becomes the base for many of our building resources. In both industries, the constant flow of substances is vital to success. So, in using the right aggregate and mining conveyor systems, you are setting your team up for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Conveyor Applications in Mining

Hauling materials from the mining site to the transporting vehicles requires a lot of manpower. Traditionally, this means a higher risk of job site injury and an increased amount of compensation to accommodate these accidents. Fortunately, modern technology gives us other ways to handle these heavy items, and mining conveyor belts are some of the most important of all. These systems allow workers to transport resources from one point to another quickly and efficiently. Conveyors also make sorting the different minerals easier, as these machines lay minerals out neatly for a team to process.

Most Effective Mining Belt Materials

Because aggregate and mining conveyor systems need to withstand a large amount of weight and force from abrasive materials, rubber belts are some of the most effective options. Comprised of a thick rubber-based compound, these models provide ample traction for keeping resources in their place. They’re also incredibly flexible, making them less likely to dent or tear after coming into contact with rough rocks and aggregates. There are other types of mining belts as well, such as nylon and fabric. However, few hold up as well over time as the heavy-duty rubber.

Quality Mining Belts From Texas Belting and Supply

With the world relying on these mined materials to maintain people’s standard of living, mining belts are crucial. That’s why Texas Belting and Supply provides all of the best products from the industry’s top manufacturers. Our selection of aggregate and mining conveyor systems has everything your business could ever need to stay on top of demand and keep your team working efficiently.