Food is delicate, and there are unique guidelines and hazards that every food business and professional must work around. There’s the risk of cross-contamination and spoiling, which is why food equipment needs to be safe, sanitary, and precise. To ensure the food you’re shipping out is safe, you need to pay strong attention to detail, and the equipment you use also needs to be high-quality. Here at Texas Belting and Supply, we have the perfect food processing conveyor systems and equipment you need to maintain product safety—while also staying efficient.

The Role of Conveyors in the Food Industry

Food processing is one of the strictest fields on the globe. With ample ways for consumers to get sick, yet a high demand for these products, it is vital that the industry promotes fast production in addition to safety. Food processing conveyors help with this by providing a quick way to move ingredients between the stages of preparation. Made with FDA-approved, materials these belts are completely sterile and easy to clean. With the right food processing conveyor belts, your products will be safe and delicious, and your business can thrive!

Best Materials for Food Processing Applications

At Texas Belting and Supply, we make all of our food-handling conveyor belts from FDA-approved materials. These materials, like PVC, urethane, and silicone, are sterile and can prevent the spread of contaminants, lowering the risk of foodborne illnesses. These food processing conveyor belts are also very slick and easy to wipe down at the end of the day. This slickness improves their performance and helps preserve their condition for longer periods of time.

The Texas Belting and Supply Difference

At Texas Belting and Supply, it isn’t enough for us to provide our customers with quality food processing conveyor belts. We also only work with the best manufacturers—the ones who follow the strict FDA guidelines—while still making high-quality parts that get your food where it needs to go. With this extensive range of options, we hope that even those with stricter guidelines can always find what they need to succeed in their business. Visit our website or reach out to us by phone if you have any questions about the food-grade conveyors we have in our lineup.