The United States produces millions of tons of waste every year, and the numbers are still steadily rising. But rather than dump it all in landfills, companies are working to process the salvageable materials out from the rest. This sustainability effort has yielded substantial growth in the waste and recycle handling industries. Due to the sheer number of materials to sift through, waste conveyor systems play an incredibly large role in the success of these endeavors. Read on to learn more about trash conveyor belts and their performance in these tasks.

Why Your Business Needs Recycling Conveyor Systems

Efficiency: These systems can take care of large volumes of waste much faster than manual sorting, increasing your waste processing speed dramatically and saving valuable time.

  • Cost-Effective: With the ability to sort and process waste faster, you'll need fewer employees to handle waste, reducing your labor costs.
  • Safety: Conveyors minimize human interaction with potentially hazardous waste, promoting a safer working environment.
  • Sustainability: Efficient waste sorting allows for better recycling practices, helping your business reduce its carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment.
  • Scalability: Trash conveyor systems can be easily scaled up or down to match your waste handling requirements, ensuring they grow with your business.

In short, these conveyor systems are a smart, safe, and sustainable choice for any business dealing with substantial amounts of waste material.

Important Conveyor Belting Characteristics

For trash conveyor belts to perform properly in these industries, it’s vital that they have a few specific characteristics. Generally, waste conveyors need to withstand the impact force of trash being deposited onto their surface. This requires a moderate amount of flexibility and tactile strength. They also need a significant amount of abrasion resistance to prevent tearing and breakage while in operation. Because of these needs, many prefer heavy-duty rubber belts for this use.

Buying With Texas Belting and Supply

Whether you work in waste management or recycle processing, we at Texas Belting and Supply have the belting products for you. Our line of rubber conveyor belts accommodates the needs of both industries. We also gather our offerings from a wide variety of trusted brands in the conveyor manufacturing world. As such, there’s no question that you’re getting the perfect waste conveyor system for your facility’s needs. Search our selection now for an extensive list of quality products, and contact us with any questions.