The construction industry has a complex network of processes that all work together to create some of the most important parts of our modern infrastructure. From corporate buildings to housing to our roadways, every project greatly impacts the local population. However, to complete these builds in a timely and quality manner, it’s vital that construction businesses have access to all the necessary resources. Here’s the impact of construction conveyor belts on this industry and how to choose the best one for this application.

Conveyor Applications in Construction

The primary role of conveyors in the construction field is transporting materials from one area of a worksite to another. In many cases, delivery personnel will even use conveyor belts to help streamline the unloading process. With the addition of a construction conveyor belt system, workers can process resources and dispose of waste all at once. This keeps the build on schedule and ensures the team makes the most of their time. Conveyor belts are also incredibly important in the production of certain materials, like gravel, and are commonplace in facilities that generate these items for future projects.

Common Types of Construction Belting

There’s a wide variety of construction conveyors in this industry depending on the task being performed. Metal and rubber belts are most frequently used for direct material handling, as they’re heavier duty and less likely to sustain damage. This is especially useful during transport and delivery, as they need to withstand several 1,000 pounds worth of metal, rock, and finer gravel. Rubber is typically the preferred choice for its flexible and abrasion-resistant traits. It holds up better than metal when it comes to denting and scraping and will last much longer as a result.

The Texas Belting and Supply Mission

Building conveyors keep the construction industry going, and we at Texas Belting and Supply seek to ensure that these businesses always have the equipment they need. Our selection of construction conveyor belts comes to us from various high-quality manufacturers and is compiled in an easy-to-search format. This way, you’re bound to find exactly what you need in no time at all. Check out our line of heavy-duty conveyor belts for all your material handling systems.