Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Conveyor Belt Fasteners (lacing) allows the belt ends to be connected for an easier installation and faster up time. As opposed to an endless belt which requires the conveyor sides to be taken apart and reassembled. The endless belt splice is permanent. There are multiple types of belt fasteners/lacing that are available.



Clipper (low profile, great for small pulleys, and general light-duty conveying)

Alligator | Steelgrip (low profile, great for small pulleys, quick installation with no special tools)

Readyset | Preset (strong splice, abrasion resistant, easy installation with tooling)

Plate fasteners (long life, low cost, easy installation with tooling, great for medium to heavy duty conveying) 

Bolt Hinged Plate (great for smaller pulleys, easy and fast installation with tooling, medium to heavy duty)

Rivet Hinged Fasteners (great for heavy duty applications, highest PIW strength, maximum resistance to the lace pulling out, ideal for the toughest conditions)


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