3 Applications Best-Suited for PVC Conveyor Belts

Polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC, is a very popular plastic used in various manufacturing and handling industries. With its slick, non-stick surface and general durability, it makes the perfect conveyor for a series of different uses. However, certain processes benefit from this resource more than others, and understanding when PVC offers the largest advantage could be the key to your continual success. These are the top three applications best suited for PVC conveyor belts and how this material sets the stage for optimal productivity in these cases.

Material Handling

One of the main uses for PVC conveyor belting is the handling of different manufacturing materials. Whether it’s transporting ingredients, raw metals, or even prototypes, PVC is the preferred choice for its ability to withstand impact and hold up against heat and chemical exposure. Conveyors made with these resources are less likely to suffer abrasive damage, and they’re much more accommodating of your company’s unique processing procedures.

Bakery Production

PVC is also a wonderful choice in facilities that work with food. Hygienic and antistatic properties make this material ideal for preserving food items and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Since it’s a type of plastic, this resource is incredibly easy to clean, making regular maintenance a breeze and maximizing your run time. Because of these characteristics, they make a great addition to plants that create premade bakery goods and meals.

Meat and Fish Processing

Another application best suited for PVC conveyor belts is the act of processing meat and fish products. As mentioned previously, there’s a high risk of bacteria growth and transfer when it comes to working with food items. This hazard is greater when handling raw meat products. Fortunately, with PVC’s FDA-approved compounds, belts made with this material are the safest ones to use. As such, they’re the ideal choice for several different facets of the food industry.

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