Advantages of Using Folder Gluer Belts in Box Manufacturing

Packaging production is one of the most important steps of the manufacturing process. No matter the product, every item needs the right type of box to keep it protected during storage and shipping. Fortunately, folder gluer belts exist to help streamline this process. While your business might have run this operation by hand in the past, these components for your conveyors are the key to continued success in a demanding market. Here are some advantages of using folder gluer belts in box manufacturing.

Efficient Manufacturing

First, folder gluer belts make box creation much more efficient. Designed to grip the cardboard and maintain security during the folding process, these belts allow you to produce boxes much faster and yield more product per hour. This way, the packaging and shipping tasks to follow can go off without a hitch. No longer are you waiting on packaging availability, and you can make better use of your time by sending out more product orders.

Gentle Material Handling

Not only do folder gluer belts produce boxes quickly, but they can also help you reduce the number of materials you put to waste. Along with having a gripping texture that propels the box components forward, they also have a non-marking property that won’t harm the box while it’s in motion. As such, these parts boast gentle handling of even the most fragile resources and are less likely to tear them during manufacturing.

Low Energy Consumption

Another important advantage of using folder gluer belts in box manufacturing is that they require very little energy to operate. Due to their high longitudinal flexibility, it takes less force for your equipment to mold them into the proper shape. They also produce less heat when in continuous motion. This means that your folding machine consumes less energy overall and conserves it for other business operations. It can also help save you money in the long run.

Abrasion Resistance

Above all, though, folder gluer belts offer superior abrasion resistance and are less likely to sustain damage during operation. Covered with a high-strength rubber compound, these belts have ample protection from any nicks and cuts they could sustain from the materials they’re handling. Because of this, they require less maintenance over time and have a much longer lifespan than other types of belting components.

Folder gluer belts have quickly become the best way to produce large quantities of boxes and paper goods. Texas Belting and Supply makes it our mission to carry the most diverse range of these parts for you to choose from. We supply folder gluer belts from dozens of reputable brands and sell models in a variety of shapes and sizes. This way, we can promise that we have something that’s right for your needs.