4 Common Uses for Incline and Decline Conveyor Belts

Incline and decline conveyor belts are some of the most effective tools to have in your industrial facility. From carrying items between floors to making more efficient use of warehouse space, there’s no end to the benefits that come from these pieces of equipment. However, if you’re going to get the most use out of them, it’s important that you understand exactly what their core applications are and how they contribute to overall business success. These are some of the common uses for incline and decline conveyor belts.

Material Handling

First, incline and decline belting plays a large role in material handling processes. Managing large quantities of heavy resources can be a daunting task for even the most durable of conveyor systems. This is especially true if you have a multi-floored facility that these conveyors need to navigate. Incline and decline belts allow you to easily move materials between floors and processing stations, which shortens the overall time.

Packaging and Distribution

People also use incline and decline conveyors for packaging and distribution purposes. With a lot of products and packages to sort in a given day, the quicker these parcels can go between stations, the better off your business is. Much like with material handling, these conveyors allow you to move packages between floors to put them through different processes. Their nonslip surface makes them perfect for carrying things up at a 35-degree angle without the risk of system backup.

Food Processing

These types of conveyor belts work well in the food processing industry as well. Handling slippery meat and fish requires a special type of belting to reduce the risk of slippage and contamination. Designed with high-quality gripping materials, incline and decline conveyor belts are the ideal option for any food facility. Even when transported up or down, these belts keep every item in its place and prevent product buildup around system peaks and valleys.

Loading and Unloading Shipments

Another common use for incline and decline conveyor belts is for loading and unloading product shipments. Both of these systems are very helpful at lifting heavy items into and out of the backs of delivery trucks. This protects employees from injury and makes these business practices much more efficient.

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