4 Unique Characteristics of PVC Conveyor Belting

PVC conveyor belting is a rising star in the industrial and warehousing industries. Not only is this material incredibly durable and long-lasting, but it provides the ideal amount of grip for some of the most specialized conveyor builds. Therefore, knowing a bit more about this material is essential to ensure it fulfills its maximum potential in your facilities. These are four unique characteristics of PVC conveyor belting and why you should consider using them in the future.

Smooth and Structured Layering

Firstly, PVC has a very smooth and structured surface layer. This allows for optimal grip when working with a series of different materials. In fact, it’s this accommodating top layer that gives PVC a diverse array of applications. From food to toys to building materials, the reinforced PVC layer promotes high amounts of friction to keep them in place no matter what twists and turns your system takes.

High Fire Resistance

PVC is also known for its high degree of fire resistance. PVC is made with compounds that are naturally resistant to fire; they have a significantly low chance of ignition when exposed to direct flames or highly heated areas. Because of this, they’re a wonderful option for any processes involving cooking, steaming, or heating treatments.

Antistatic Properties

Another unique characteristic of PVC conveyor belting is that they don’t develop as much of a static charge as rubber or other common conveyor compounds. Antistatic properties are essential for conveyors working with materials such as tape or plastic because additional charges can promote product sticking. This can block up a conveyor system and throw off the entire process. So, if you’re working with a lot of packaging materials and want to improve reliability and efficiency, PVC is a great option.

Wear and Corrosion Protection

Since PVC is so smooth and sleek, it also comes with additional wear and corrosion protection. These conveyors take longer to sustain damage, and they’re also resistant to many corrosive substances including fats, oils, and chemicals. They’re the perfect solution for processing raw food products and handling strong chemical compounds for this reason.

As you can see, PVC belts are some of the most effective products for certain processing applications. That’s why we at Texas Belting and Supply always make sure to keep them in stock. We even acquire our inventory from hundreds of reputable manufacturers to guarantee you’re getting the best solution possible. Whether you work in material handling or food production, we have the PVC conveyors for you.