4 Tips for Gluing on Rubber Bandsaw Tires

People who don’t work with bandsaws regularly don’t realize you have to glue rubber tires onto the wheel. The glue keeps the bandsaw tire in place while the machine is on; any tire slipping can cause major problems. Discover these four tips for gluing on rubber bandsaw tires.

Contact Cement Has Risks

If you ask ten different people what they use to glue on their bandsaw tires, chances are you’ll get ten different answers. At least one of those answers is bound to be contact cement, a quick-drying adhesive you can find at the hardware store.

One of the problems with contact cement is it dries very quickly, which doesn’t give you a lot of time to apply the tires. If you’re replacing your bandsaw tire for the first time, it might be a good idea to have an experienced individual help you since the glue dries fast.

Clean the Wheel First

Whenever you glue two things together, it’s vital to clean the surfaces first. Otherwise, dirt and other particles can get in between the layers of adhesive and weaken the bond. With rubber bandsaw tires, you don’t want things like wood shavings and old glue residue to get in the way. Make sure to clean everything with an appropriate solvent.

Troubleshooting a Slipping Tire

One of the many reasons people need to glue on rubber bandsaw tires is because the tire keeps slipping off the wheel. It’s important to know that more adhesive isn’t always the solution to this problem. If glue doesn’t seem to be working, you may have to adjust the tension of your machine or replace the tire completely, as it can stretch out over time.

Switch to Urethane Tires To Avoid Glue

If the idea of gluing your bandsaw tires with contact cement makes you nervous, the good news is you can avoid the problem entirely. Urethane bandsaw tires, like the ones at Texas Belting and Supply, don’t need to be glued in place to keep a solid grip on the wheel. While urethane tires are a little more expensive than rubber ones, they last much longer.

You can find high-quality bandsaw tires, engine drive belts, and conveyor belts at Texas Belting and Supply. We carry hundreds of styles with dozens of protective and specialized coatings. Call or email us today for an estimate.